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Multiple Vehicle Transport

Multiple Vehicle Transport

Are you planning for a big move to a new job, new city, and a fresh start? Or you want to relocate your family across the country and you’re searching the internet for the safest, most professional and dependable way to get your new journey set up fast and easy?

One of the primary costs of moving vehicles is picking up and delivering them to different locations. Choosing to ship more than one vehicle at a time is a great way to maximize the savings and discounts available. For this reason VAN 3 Auto transport is more than happy to help you with this decision by visiting our website HERE. Using our car shipping calculator you will be able to find your best and most cost efficient solution for relocating your vehicle.

In our busy society it is rare to see a family with just one car. Some families in the United States have more than three cars.There are the specialty vehicles you may have like a sports, 4WD or classic cars. Each is a major investment and a crucial player in maintaining your busy family schedule.

Here are some of the things you should know when you ship multiple vehicles:

• Destinations points- door to door or terminal to terminal. We can meet you at your home or at the place you are working and pick up your vehicle. Or you may choose to deliver and retrieve the vehicle from one of our terminal locations if it happens to be near you.

• Enclosed, open or top-load. The most economical of these options is the car shipping, but It does leave your auto exposed to the elements. If you are afraid and want to protect your car you may opt for enclosed shipping. You may request top-loading for ALL the vehicles you ship. This means that the vehicle will ride on the top rack for the duration and will minimize the risk of getting your vehile damaged or dirty.

• Immediate, expedited or guaranteed delivery. If you want your cars to picked up ASAP you will need to inform us right away. We can arrange for vehicle pickup within 24 hours GUARANTEED. If you are eager to know exactly which day your car will arrive, you will be provided with a phone number where you can call and find out exactly where your vehicle is located.

VAN 3 Auto Transport is always happy to move several cars at once. It saves us money, and we pass on our savings to our customers by offering the some of the BEST prices in the car shipping industry.

We accept requests from many sources to move multiple vehicles at the same time. Businesses & companies that have vehicles that are used for business purposes sometimes need to relocate all of their cars, either because of a location change, or to just ship the vehicles to another branch or office. Members of the armed forces are often being relocated and request OUR HELP to move their vehicles to their new location.

Ready to ship your car ?
To start the process simply by visiting our website www.van3autotransport.com or call our HOT LINE +1 708-357-8698 (7:00 am – 9:00 pm). We’ve been around for 20 years and we provide safe and secure car shipping services.

We look forward to making your next move your BEST move.

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