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What Kind of Truck Will Pick Up My Vehicle?

What Kind of Truck Will Pick Up My Vehicle?

You have probably seen different trucks that transport vehicles. Some of them carry one vehicle at a time, others can transport up to ten vehicles all at the same time. The type of truck that will pick up your vehicle depends on your specific needs and the kind of shipping service that you choose.

The most popular transport service is open car shipping. If you choose this service your vehicle will be transported by a 7 to 10 car carrier. These trailers are some of the biggest ones on the road because they can transport up to 10 vehicles at the same time. When your vehicle is going to be shipped to the same state, or one that is near, it is very common for car shipping companies to use carriers that hold 1 to 3 vehicles. Smaller trailers are also used when a vehicle needs to be picked up in a smaller residential area. Due to the fact that large trucks are prohibited from entering smaller residential areas, these smaller trucks are able to get to your home and safely pick up your vehicles without breaking the law.

Another common method by which vehicles are transported is enclosed vehicle shipping. This method is used for vehicles that are rare or extremely expensive. These trailers have walls on all sides, which protect your vehicle like it would be protected in your garage. These trailers can fit anywhere from 3 vehicles to 6 vehicles, depending on their sizes.

You should not be concerned with the type of trailer that will pick up your vehicle. The most important factor that you should carefully consider is to make sure that you have hired a car shipping company that you can trust. A company with a great reputation will be fully insured and will get the job done right.

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