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How to protect my car from the extreme winter conditions in Chicago

How to protect my car from the extreme winter conditions in Chicago

Over the past few days in Chicago, as well as many other parts of the country, we experienced incredibly low temperatures which had a major impact on our daily lives. Many of us had difficulties getting to work or even going to the grocery store in these extreme weather conditions. Commuting from one place to another has been a nightmare and using your car in these conditions may be hard, or in some cases impossible. Some of us have not been able to even start their vehicles due to the extremely cold weather that we have been dealing with over the past weeks.

At Van 3 Auto Transport we are here to help you make the best decision for yourself and your car in these extreme winter conditions. We would encourage you to go to a warmer part of the country and bring your vehicle with you. How does Florida sound? California? We know that when you are not able to get to work, you might as well make the most of it and visit your friends or relatives for a few days in a warmer part of the country. At Van 3 Auto Transport we know that unplanned vacations may not be the best solution, but we have decided to lower the prices of our services in order warm up the hearts of our customers by letting them save money. We have decided to give you 20% cash back when you ship your vehicle with Van 3 Auto Transport. If the total cost to ship your vehicle is $500, our truck driver will give you $100 back upon delivery.

The current temperatures in Florida and California are much higher than the ones in Chicago,Detroit or Milwakee. At Van 3 Auto Transport we are confident that even if you do not have relatives in these warm states you will still find enough reasons to go on a small vacation just to get away from the freezing cold temperatures you have been dealing with over the past few weeks.

Here is a small list of great deals that we offer to transport standard size vehicles to the following warm locations.

Chicago – Miami $850
Chicago – Tampa $780
Chicago – Jacksonville $780
Chicago – Orlando $700
Chicago – West Palm Beach $770
Chicago – Los Angeles $950
Chicago – San Fransisco $1100
Chicago – Sacramento $1100

The prices shown are a part of our special promotion and include all taxes and fees to ship a regular size vehicle from and to the specified destinations. For a more accurate quote please use our Free Online Car Shipping Calculator or call (708)357-8698 and one of our vehicle transportation specialists will be glad to assists you.

If you decide to stay home the following tips will help you start your car in the freezing conditions.
If your car has an engine with a carburetor you can push on the gas pedal while the car is still in its parking spot and you are trying to start it. This will inject some fuel in the engine, which may help you start your vehicle. This only works with cars that have a carburetor and are not with fuel-injected engines.

Another tip that is really useful when you want to start your car in winter conditions is to turn off all lights, radio, and heaters in order to have a bigger chance of starting your vehicle.

Do not try to start the vehicle many times without waiting some time. It is best to wait at least 20 seconds before trying to start the car again order for the battery to recover.
If you want to avoid doing these things, we would suggest take the battery inside with you, that way it will have no problem starting the next day.

The easiest thing to do it to store your vehicle in a garage. Your car will be protected from the snow and will not have any problems starting it due to the warmer temperature in the garage.


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