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Who Uses Car Shipping Services

Who Uses Car Shipping Services

Millions of vehicles are shipped every month in the United States. Dealerships and private individuals are amongst the top car shippers in the country.

Dealerships use auto transportation services in order to increase their inventory of vehicles. They often purchase cars from car auctions or directly from car manufacturers. The cost to pay someone to drive a specific vehicle from a car auction or a manufacturer and drive it to the dealership would is too high, especially considering the fact that the value of the car will decrease due to the additional miles that it will be driven. Dealerships use car shipping companies to ship all of their vehicles in order to cut costs and increase profits. The cars that they are purchasing get picked up directly from the manufacturer and delivered to their front door in brand new condition and without the car being driven at any point. Car shipping companies are the only way for dealerships to buy vehicles and receive them in brand new condition.

Private individuals ship millions of cars every year. Car shipping companies now offer door to door services, meaning that they pick up cars from your front door and deliver to your front door. These services are offered by the best car transportation companies because they require a lot of planning, professionalism, and most of all hard work. In order for a trucking company to pick up your vehicle at your front door that means they need to have very experienced drivers. The equipment used in the industry is very large, meaning that only the most experienced drivers can get to your front door in order to pick up your car.

Van 3 Auto Transport specializes in door to door shipping. All of our drivers have at least five years of experience in the car hauling business. They know how to get to your house and how to safely load and unload your vehicle right in front of you. They are true professionals and work extremely hard in order to pick up your car at a time that works with your schedule, and also deliver the vehicle without any dents, scratches or other minor damages.

Whether you are a private individual looking to ship a car or a dealership, Van 3 Auto Transport will offer you unparalleled car transportation services. Check out our Free Car Shipping Calculator and get an instant quote. Are you happy with the quote? Go ahead, book your order though our website in less than 5 minutes! It’s that quick and easy!

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