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Full load of brand new Ford vehicles delivery

Full load of brand new Ford vehicles delivery

Convenience and efficiency

Convenience and efficiency motivate the automobile transport business. It’s rather that cars are transported since they themselves are considered and built to provide transportation. Millions of vehicles , however, must be carried by truck, railroad or large ship every year for a variety of reasons.
New vehicles can’t be driven to their own dealerships because consumers would consider them used vehicles .

Ford Motor Co

Reflect the organizational demands of Ford Motor Co. in North America. Ford has 13 full production plants that produce 2.5 million automobiles. These cars, trucks and SUVs must be delivered to 4,000 dealers . These are not chance deliveries, like a load of paper towels dropped off at a supermarket: Dealers order specific vehicles from each production factory, and the accurate vehicles must be accurately routed through many channels for a timely and damage-free delivery.

Full load of brand new Ford vehicles delivery

Van 3 Auto Transport delivered a full load of brand new Ford vehicles in Los Angeles,Ca. All vehicles were picked up in Miami,Fl.

It took our driver six days to safely deliver them in Los Angeles.

We ship all kinds of cars and we take really good care of them,no matter if they are new or used. Make sure to check  How to prepare your vehicle for shipping blog post.

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