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The Risks of modern driving

The Risks of modern driving

New research states that driving nowdays is 65% riskier than driving 10 years ago. What’s the cause of these disturbing statistics? What was different 10 years ago? How new inventions and technologies affects our everyday life?

Vehicles manufactures may have crated cars which are safer, but more than four out of five American drivers admit that distractions from gadgets like Satellite navigations, Ipods , mobile phones and DVD players are now making driving riskier. Overall, a study by a leading american insurance company found that 70% of drivers feel more at risk on country’s road today, compared to ten years ago. They also found that the rise of cyclists on state roads is contributing to drivers feeling at risk, with motorists blaming them as the number one distraction “outside of their control”. When asked about the roads, drivers said that they feel most at risk when navigating unknown roads, mainly distracted by complex signs.

The rise of mobile technology is blooming every year more and more. It has made it easier for us to communicate on the move but also It’s making our lives more complicated. Staying safe is far more important than staying in touch. Turn off every distraction you have if you ever feel tempted to check them while driving. Plan your journey well in advance and don’t rely much on your satellite navigation. Make sure you’ve checked the route yourself before setting off for your trip.

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