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Three common mistakes people make when shipping their vehicle

Three common mistakes people make when shipping their vehicle

Shipping your car for the first time can be a long and frustrating process. Picking a company that you can trust can take time, but when you find it, you will find out that car shipping can be an easy and hassle free process. When the car transporter comes to pick up your vehicle there is a few things that you should consider.

Most of our clients ship their vehicles because they are moving to a new home in a different state. Often, they pack personal belongings in their car in order to make the moving process easier. What they do not know is that the law prohibits people from leaving their personal belongings in a car. Car haulers are not allowed to transport cars with personal items inside. Another important factor that you should consider is that while your car is in the possession of a car transportation company it is insured, but the items left inside are not insured.

Washing your car before transporting it to a different state is also not a good idea. When your vehicle is put on an open car hauler it is not protected from bad weather. If you are shipping your vehicle far away the truck might pass through rain or snow and your vehicle will be dirty again when it arrives. You can always wash it inside, but washing the exterior of your vehicle when you are going to ship it is often a waste of time and money.

When your vehicle is picked up it will not be driven. The driver will put it on a car hauler and it will not be taken off until it arrives at the delivery point. You should not fill it up with gas. Car haulers have to follow strict weight regulations, therefore, we ask our customers not to fill up their gas tanks before trusting us with their vehicle. Five gallons of gas is more than enough for drivers to place your vehicle on a car hauler and then take it off.

Following these simple car shipping tips will save you time and money. Car shipping can be extremely easy if you find a company that you know you can trust.

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