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What what kind of car should I choose Electric or Gasoline?

What what kind of car should I choose Electric or Gasoline?

With technology advancing at such a quick pace, in 2013 we have an extremely wide choice of automobiles to choose from. We can buy anything from small coupes or large SUVs or even trucks. One of the choices we usually have to make is whether to buy a car with a gasoline or a diesel engine. Both engines have its advantages and disadvantages and it can often be difficult do decide which one would be the better choice. In 2013 we have another choice to make. Electric vehicles are emerging and really putting gasoline engines up to the wall. In the past, electric cars were almost seen as a joke. In fact, when one of the first electric cars hit the market most people had a good laugh. The name of this car was EV-1.This small vehicle had a range of about 70 miles and it could barely reach a legal minimum freeway speed.

A car with these characteristics was bound to fail on such a competitive market as the car market. It had a battery that needed to be recharged every day and its charge time could be up to 12 hours. This was not appealing at all to people looking to buy an electric car, which made the car a huge failure. With the high demand for economical cars, car makers started investing millions of Dollars in making vehicles that would burn less fuel. Many of them have done a great job, but one particular car maker in particular seems to have gotten the answer to finally making a successful electric powered car. Tesla was one of the car makers that made huge advancements in cars powered by electricity. The model Tesla Roadstar Sports Coupe hit the market and drastically changed the public opinion towards electric cars. The auto industry would never be the same again.

This new Tesla model was able to amaze people who did not believe that there would ever be a powerful, yet fuel efficient engine. The Tesla Roadstar Sports Coupe could reach speeds from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds, which right away put it in the category of Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin. The amazing thing about this vehicle is that it required no diesel or gasoline, just electricity. The public assumed that an engine this powerful would take days to charge and it would have a range of no more than 50 miles. When the official characteristics of the vehicle came out people were left speechless. The Tesla Roadstar Sports Coupe could fully charge in about 3.5 hours and it had a range of about 250 miles.

This sports car came with everything that all other cars on the market had. It also had air conditioning as well as radio, navigation, heated seats just like all of its gasoline competitors. What this vehicle did not have was things like oil pump, engine oil, transmission, clutch, spark plugs, fuel injectors, and many other things with might seem really familiar to owners of gasoline powered cars. Yes, this does mean that you will not have to spend time on oil changes as well as at the gas station. Time is not the only thing you will save, in the long run you will end up saving a lot of money. If you own a car that consumes about 20 mph you will save about $22.50 for every 250 miles that you drive if you buy the Tesla Roadstar Sports Coupe.

Buying an electric car is a great choice to make if you are looking to save money and drive an awesome automobile. Tesla Roadstar Sports Coupe will cost less than buying a Ferrari or a Porche, and it will give you the same driving pleasure. It looks great, drivers awesome and leaves your pockets full for all other things in life that you want to spend your money on.

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