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September 15-21 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 15-21 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This week is Truck Driver Appreciation Week. We see trucks every day but do we really ever take a chance to think about what they are doing for us?

When most people think of trucks they do not realize how important trucks are for our country. If trucks did not exist our lives would be completely different. All the goods that we buy in stores have to go on a truck at some point. Some goods are transported for thousands of miles before the end consumer is able to purchase them. Our economy is heavily dependent on trucks due to the fact that the United

States is one of the biggest countries in the world. Many of the goods it consumes come from different places all over the world and the only way to get them in our stores is by using trucks. Today trucks are everywhere and we need to take a moment to realize that they are always around not to be annoying to drive behind, but to give us the opportunity to go to a store and have the choice of goods that we consume.

Truck drivers play a vital role in the transportation industry. These men and women drive thousands of miles each month in order to transport the goods that we consume. Becoming a truck driver is not easy and it takes a lot of practice, hard work, and dedication in order to be able to drive a huge truck. Often, these men and women spend years just to learn how to shift gears on a semi-truck! Long hours of driving and days away from their families are just some of the challenges that truck drivers have to face every day.

Truckers drive 398 billion miles each year. In 2012 truck drivers delivered more than 9.4 billion tons of freight! Even though there are other methods by which goods are shipped, 80 Percent of the communities in the United States depend only on the trucking industry to deliver their goods. We should take a moment and appreciate everything these men and women do for us every day.

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