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BMW reports the highest sales in history after the first 6 months

BMW reports the highest sales in history after the first 6 months

BMW group reported its highest sales in history for the first six months of the year. With a lot of companies facing difficulties worldwide, BMW group has managed not only to increase sales, but to reach an all time high. They sold the astonishing 954,521 vehicles worldwide. These remarkable numbers show a 6% increase in sales from the same time last year. The sales numbers for the month of June reached 184,480, which is an all time high.

BMW has proven over the years that it knows how to manufacture cars and SUVs. The increase in sales seems to be due to the fact that the company has released new vehicles. These new vehicles are engineered to perfection, making the demand for them extremely high. BMW has been able to achieve growth in almost all continents during the first six months of the year. In just North and South America BMW has been able to record a 9.7% growth this year compared to last year.

The future looks bright for BMW Group as they will soon start manufacturing the new BMW X5, which will hit the market this Fall. The second generation of BMW X5 was very successful and with the third one coming out in October it looks like BMW Group might break even more records. In April, BMW Group will start manufacturing a new model that might bring in more revenue to the company. BMW will start manufacturing BMW X4, which is a brand new model that is a hybrid between a SUV and a car.With this new model BMW Group will increase the number of models it offers worldwide, which will give its customers a wider variety of options.

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