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Louisiana Auto Transport

Louisiana Auto Transport

Louisiana is one of the most popular destinations in the Southern United States. Ranked as the 31st most extensive and the 25th most populous state, with a 50,000 square mile area and 4.5 million population. The state capital is Baton Rouge, and biggest city is New Orleans, which is one of the leading metro areas in Louisiana. New Orleans is a very fast growing city and it attracts thousands of people to relocate and live there every year.

Louisiana is located between Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico. The area of the state is divided in two parts: the uplands and the alluvial. The alluvial part consists of beaches and swamps, and barrier islands that cover most parts of the region. Since there is a lot of water in Louisiana, it is loaded with natural life. Alluvial covers the territory between Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River. The uplands rest between woodlands and the prairie. The highest point in the state is only 535 feet above sea level located in Driskill Mountain.

The Gulf of Mexico has a large influence on the weather in Louisiana. It has long, hot, humid summers and short, mild winters. Rainfall is frequent during the winter, and in the summer Louisiana has high temperatures averaging 95 F. Cajun culture is a demanding element of the state of Louisiana, which uses words that mix up different languages and spreads out through the entire state.

In Louisiana there are more than 20 different Interstates and US highways. The most important one is I-10 which helps a lot for car shipping companies. The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development maintains public transportation, roadways, bridges and canals. Car shipping companies are heavily dependent on the highways in each state. Thankfully Louisiana has a great a very good transportation system making it easy for car shipping companies to transport vehicles to and from Louisiana.

After collecting data from most of the small business owners in the state, Louisiana was announced as one of the best states for small business. The state is one of the biggest crawfish fabricators in the whole world. The famous Port of South Louisiana is the biggest shipping port in the Western Hemisphere and 4th biggest in the world. This port is the reason why so many industries in the area are growing very fast and have a huge influence on the state’s economy. The high amount of TV shows and movies cast there give the Louisiana the nickname “Hollywood South”. The World Cultural Economic Forum is one of the most popular forums in the state which contributes to Louisiana cultural events. The state has low unemployment rate (around 5%) which is the leading factor for people wanting to live there. With more people relocating there, the demand for car shipping services has only been increasing over the past few years.

Van 3 Auto Transport has shipped many and diverse cars to and from Louisiana. The state has a wide range of activities to keep you busy and Louisiana has turned into one of the best states to live in. If your are interested in going there for a vacation, or if you want to move there permanently, you should consider shipping your vehicle. All you need to do is obtain your personal instant quote or call out 24/7 Hot Line: (708) 357-8698. Our team of car shipping specialists will make sure you receive a 5 star car transport service!

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