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Summer has ended and it is time to get ready for Fall. During the Fall of 2020, Van 3 Auto Transport will be lowering its prices by 30%. We will be offering Special Deals and Fall Savings to customers who will be shipping their vehicles during September, October and November. If you are looking for a reputable car shipping company, look no further. We have been in the auto transport business for over twelve years and we are 5 Star Rated on Yelp, Google, Transport Reviews, and Facebook.

Van 3 Auto Transport will be lowering all prices by 30% for all customers looking to transport their vehicles during Fall of 2020. Our Five Star Auto Shipping Services will be more affordable than ever before! We are going to keep our fleet running at full capacity in order to meet the needs of our customers. Our Free Online Car Shipping Calculator will be working 24 hours per day in order to make the entire car shipping process very quick and simple for all of our customers. They will be able to book their orders 24 per day and it will take less than five minutes of their time. All prices received through our car shipping calculator, will be final and they will include all taxes and insurance. This means that there will be no additional taxes or hidden fees.

Are you looking to ship your vehicle to Florida, Arizona or California? Are you a college student going back to college in the Fall of 2020? Did you just purchase a vehicle from another state and you need to ship your vehicle to your home? Look no further, Van 3 Auto Transport will take care of all of your car shipping needs! Get a Free Instant Online Quote and save 30% on ALL ORDERS during the Fall of 2020. Why wait? Get a Free Online Quote Today!

If you need a custom quote,  please call us at (224)788-7777 and our car shipping specialists will answer all of our questions today!

Uploading a car to a truck

Van 3 Auto Transport has been offering 5 star car transport service in the auto transport industry for more than 10 years. During that time, we have developed many long term relationships with customers and carriers all over the country. We have built our reputation on reliability and trust, which are key factors in the auto transport industry.

Car Shipping can be a very stressful and time consuming process, therefore at Van 3 Auto Transport we do our best in order to ensure that our clients do not have to go through any stress. We know that there are thousands of car shipping companies in the United States, and we do best to get the job done right every time in order to keep our customers, and also acquire new ones. Selecting a car carrier with the reputation and knowledge to manage your vehicle shipping needs is very important, a cheap quote does not always mean that the given car shipping company will get the job done right. We are proud to be a family owned and operated car shipping transportation company and we hope to get a chance to earn your business.

We are a transportation company that is fully insured and we offer car shipping services to all 50 states. When choosing your car shipping company you should consider many factors. Some of the main things that should influence your decision are to make sure that the car shipping company offers, reliable auto transport service, accurate pickup and delivery times, as well as a reasonable price. At Van 3 Auto Transport satisfying the needs of our customers and the safe transport of their vehicles is our top priority. We ship hundreds of vehicles every month, and we are extremely proud to be able to satisfy the needs of our customers by shipping their vehicles across the nation. Van 3 Auto Transport is confident we can ship your vehicle anywhere in the United States.

Van 3 Auto Transport offers a wide range of auto transport services. We work with many different types of clients and we are proud to offer them services like door to door auto transport, expedited car shipping, enclosed vehicle transpiration, expedited pickup and deliveries.

Here are some examples of the type of clients that we have the pleasure of working with: corporate relocation companies, car dealerships, military personnel, college students, car rental companies, seasonal car shipments like snowbirds or professional athlete services, and many more.

We look forward to making your next move your best move

Van 3 Auto Transport

Uploading a car to a truckTransporting your vehicle to a new location is easy only by hiring an auto shipping company, which is specializes in car shipping. The question is "When do we need this service and how do we realize if it is necessary?" Let's view the primary reasons that encourage people to seek car hauling services.

Relocation - If you are moving to a different state you will need to find a way to have your cars transported. Many people move to their vacation homes for a few months of the year and having their vehicles transported is important for them. If you have more than one vehicle and you need it moved to a different state or part of the country the easiest and most efficient way would be by using car hauling service. Car hauling is a great way to ship your vehicles because you can transport them all at the same time without having to worry about weather, fuel costs, and hotels.

Shopping for cars online is a great way to buy new or used cars at a great price. With technology advancing at an incredibly fast pace, online shopping is faster and easier than ever! You can visit websites and browse through millions of vehicles without leaving your home! When you buy a car from a seller in Los Angeles and you live in Chicago how will you get your new car? If you choose to drive out there you will have to bring someone to drive your old car back which will take more than one week and you will have to pay for gas, hotel stays. If you choose to take a plane there you will have to pay for air fare and fuel costs on the way back. Car hauling would be the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to have your vehicle transported. You will save thousands of Dollars and your vehicle will be in your garage in less than five days!

When you have to transport or ship a vehicle more than a few hundred miles, a car hauling company offers you a cost-effective solution, and most importantly it saves you time and worries. If you have a classic or rare automobile choosing car hauling services provide you benefit of "car protection", protecting it from the man-made and environmental hazards during transportation. Car hauling is a great service for anyone who needs their vehicle transported.

Here at VAN 3 Auto Transport we guarantee that your car will be safe every step of the way.

Our rates speak of our quality, so if you need a car to be transported don't hesitate and give us a call.

Car Transport Experience

The management team of Van 3 Corporation has been in the business for over 30 years. We have been transporting automobiles all over the United States. Our international sector has people that have helped ship automobiles to more 39 different countries worldwide.

Auto Transport Reliability

Van 3 Corporation has been the company that sets the standard in the automobile transportation business. Our vehicle transportation specialists will do everything in their power to help you move your vehicle in a way that is safe, reliable and hassle-free.

All of our quotes include service that is door-to-door, 100% insured with $0 deductable.

We believe that automobile transportation is our job;therefore we do not charge our customers any fuel charges.

Auto Transport FAQ

  • » What kind of vehicles does Van 3 Auto Transport ship?

    At Van 3 Auto Transport we ship cars, trucks, SUV's as well as retro cars, race cars, exotic car and all kinds of custom cars.

  • » How much does it cost to ship my car

    The price of shipping a car depends on the size, operability of your vehicle and the distance that you need it shipped. We provide our customers with quotes that include a full door to door service as well as full insurance. We are able to provide the best prices to our customers because we do not charge extra for insurance, fuel charges and door to door service. We believe that car shipping should be hassle free and that there should be NO hidden fees or extra charges.

  • » How do I pay

    We accept all major credit cards or Pay Pal. We require a small deposit from the quoted price and the rest will be paid on the time of delivery with cash or certified funds.

  • » What is the difference between Open and Enclosed trailer?

    Open trailers are exposed to weather and road conditions, just like driving the vehicle yourself. Closed trailers keep your vehicle from all road conditions like being in a garage.

  • » Can I pack my car with my belongings?

    Federal and State Department of Transportation does not allow transport of household items to be transported in vehicles being transported by auto carriers. Personal belongings left in vehicles are shipped at the owners risk. Items left in vehicles are not covered by carriers insurance. If you choose to leave personal items in your vehicle (No Household Items) they must be less than 100 pounds.

[ Read All Auto Transport FAQ ]

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