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"The Evergreen State" is ranked 18th largest and 13th most populous of all 50 United States. The majority of the population there lives in the Seattle metro area, which offers reasonable conditions for prosperity and living. Washington in general is popular inland shipping destination for many people.


The state is part of the Pacific Northwest, which makes the weather within its borders very pleasant, with mild temperatures and wet winters, autumns and springs and relatively dry summer. Washington's climate is largely impacted by the Pacific Ocean which brings the mild and average climate factors to the region. Mountains in the state have very rich history and carry one of the few volcanos in the continent. Mount St. Helens is currently the only Washington volcano that is actively erupting, located 70 miles away from Seattle and the metro area, from which it is conspicuously visible, in the past this volcano was considered a treat for the people living there but with the increased knowledge in seismology that treat is removed.

With its famous "State Routes" and largest ferry system in the nation and 3rd in the world,      It is not lie that this state hold the top positions for nationwide transportation center. Building a routes through The Cascade Mountain Range provides a lot of challenges to the infrastructure of the whole state. Washington operates and maintains roads over seven major mountain passes and eight minor passes. Avalanche control is run through winter times to achieve a good condition for travelling. State route 99 loop around Seattle and other metro areas, which ease the auto transport companies and they can bring the autos safe and sound. Combined all of those factor make Washington a popular choice in the auto transportation industry.

Many people seek auto transportation services because they want to relocate for a job purpose or better way of life, that's why the economy of one's state is a very important reason to consider. From lumber and wood to production to design and aircraft manufacture this state offers a huge range of industries to choose by. Olympia- state's capital and largest city Seattle offers more than any other city in the state. That doesn't mean people relocate only there, another cities like Spokane, Tacoma and Vancouver are fairly choices too.

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