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Should I Pay Extra for Auto Transport Insurance?

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Insurance is one of the most important factors that should influence your decision when looking for a car shipping company.If something happens while your car is in the possession of an auto transport company who will pay to  fix or replace it?Is your own insurance going to pay for it?Is the insurance of the car shipping company going to pay?Are you going to have to pay to fix it with your own money?

These questions are very important.As you can see,having full insurance is critical to shipping your vehicle without any worries.Many car shipping companies know that,and try to take advantage of their clients.When you call to get a quote they will give you a price and ask you if you want to pay EXTRA for "full insurance." Please try to avoid using the services of a car shipping company that wants you to pay extra for insurance.
Every car shipping company in the United States is required to have insurance by law.If they do not provide their customers with insurance,that means that this company may not be licensed to ship vehicles in United States.If  you are ever asked to pay extra for insurance,you should stay away from this company.You should look for an auto transport company that will provide you with a quote that is included in the price.Van 3 Auto Transport offers its clients a free instant quote car shipping calculator that provides quotes that include taxes and insurance.We believe that you should NEVER pay extra for insurance.

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