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When Should I Schedule the Shipping of my Car?


Every car shipping company has a different policy of when a customer should schedule the shipping of his or her vehicle.Some companies require at least ten days before the first available pick up date,others require as little as three days.In the auto transportation business,you have to keep in mind that pick up dates and delivery dates are only estimates,they are not always exact dates.

The one thing all auto transport companies would agree on is that the earlier you book your order,the better off everything is going to work out for you.If you know on which date you would like your vehicle to be picked up,you should schedule the shipping of it right away.When you do that,you allow the car shipping company to plan their route in a way that they will be able to pick it up on the desired by you date.If you decide to wait until the last minute,it may be too late.Most auto transporters can fit between seven and nine cars on their trailers.If you call at the last minute,chances are that the truck that will be in your area on the desired by you date will most likely be completely booked.
Van 3 Auto Transport offers express car shipping services,where we can pick up your vehicle on the next business day.As always,we encourage our customers to book their orders as early as possible.Booking your car shipping move early will save you money and it will guarantee that your vehicle will be picked up on the day you prefer.Please do not wait until the last minute,book your order now.

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