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How Much Does it Cost to Ship My Car?


The costs of shipping a car depends on many different factors.The first and most obvious one is of the make and model of the vehicle.Most car shipping companies need to know the make and model in order to find out the size of your vehicle.Smaller vehicles like Honda Fit are less expensive to transport compared to larger ones like a Ford F-250.A car shipping company would prefer to ship seven smaller vehicles than five large vehicles,due to the fact that it will be easier to place them on a car hauler and it will also be more profitable.

Another obvious factor that auto transport companies consider when determining the price to ship a car is the miles between the two destinations.Shipping a vehicle for 3000 miles miles would cost more than shipping the same vehicle for 600 miles.Car shipping companies need to look at the miles between the two destinations in order to determine what their costs (diesel,tolls) would be for each trip that they make.Another question that car shipping companies will ask is if your vehicle is in running or not running condition.Vehicles that are not in running condition usually cost more to ship,as they require the trucker driver to use special equipment in order to be able to safely load the vehicle on his trailer.
There are two types of trailers that most car shipping companies use to operate.The most popular one is open trailer.With this type of trailer your vehicle is placed on a trailer that is completely open. Enclosed trailers are the opposite,they are completely closed from all sides.When using Enclosed Car Shipping,your vehicle will not be exposed to any weather,just as if it is in a garage.Enclosed Car Shipping usually costs more and is recommended for vehicles that are very high in value.
Car shipping companies usually run to and from major cities in the United States.If you are shipping a vehicle from two major cities like Chicago and New York, it would be much cheaper and easier for a car shipping company to transport your vehicle between these to major cities.If you are shipping your vehicle to or from more rural city like Wichita it would cost more,due to the fact that the trucking company will have to go out of their way just to pick up your car.
These are the major factors that contribute to car shipping prices.Every car shipping company looks into these factors in order to be able to give its clients accurate auto transportation quotes.The easiest way to get a free instant quote is through our car shipping calculator.It will provide you with an instant price and you can book your order directly through out website.

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