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The car shipping business is very different from most other businesses. We provide service for people looking to ship their vehicles, which in most cases, are one of their biggest investments. For most people, the homes are their biggest investments. The second most expensive thing that adults in the United States spend money on is their cars. If you are going to trust a stranger to ship your vehicle to another state, you may want to be able to speak with him during the entire process.

Some auto shipping companies are only open from Monday through Friday. What if you would like to check on the status of you vehicle? What if you want to know where the driver is over the weekend in order to be able to plan around being present to receive your vehicle? These are very good questions that you should consider when choosing a car shipping company to transport your vehicle. Make sure that the given company will be able to answer your questions 24/7, so that you know exactly where your vehicle is at all times.

Van 3 Auto Transport is open every day. Our 24/7 hotline has an agent ready to answer all of your car shipping questions. We know that in the car shipping business communication and reliability are the two most important factors. That is why we are always available to answer all of your questions and provide you with updates on the status of your vehicle. Do you have any more questions? Please give us a call NOW (708)357-8698.

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