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Can I Ship Items in My Car?


Every car shipping company has a different policy towards items that are being shipped inside vehicles. Some companies do not allow it, others will charge you extra money. At Van 3 Auto Transport, we believe that you have the right to leave items inside your vehicle while we are shipping it.

Leaving items inside your vehicle is perfectly fine. If you choose to leave personal items inside your car we will not charge you extra. You need to keep in mind that personal items left inside the vehicle will not be covered by our insurance. Your vehicle will be fully insured, but personal items left inside your car will not be covered.

Van 3 Auto Transport will allow you to leave items inside your car at your own risk. We will not charge you extra or tell you not to leave anything inside your vehicle. We understand that if you are moving to a new home, shipping some items inside your vehicle will make the entire move much easier. We care about our clients and we will continue to try to make your car shipping experience as hassle-free as possible.

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