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Do Not Wash Your Car Prior to Pick Up


Many of our customers wash their cars before they are picked up by our drivers. They assume that since the vehicle will not be driven,it will arrive clean at its delivery point. Some companies ask their customers to wash their cars prior to pick up, but Van 3 Auto Transport is not one of them.

We do not require our customers to wash their cars before they are picked up, because we know that most likely the car will not be nice and clean when it is delivered. When we transport vehicles with our Open Trailer services, all of the vehicles on the trailer are exposed to the weather conditions. If there is rain or snow along the way, the vehicles will get dirty while in transit. Why pay to have your vehicle washed if it will most likely arrive dirty? At Van 3 Auto Transport, we encourage our customers to have their cars washed after they are delivered, and some lucky customers even receive a complimentary car wash.

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