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Choosing the Best Car Shipping Company

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Choosing the  best auto transport company can be a difficult process,especially if this is your first time shipping a vehicle.There are many factors that you need to carefully analyze before making your final decision.

One important factor is reputation.Does the company have a good reputation in the auto transport business?Are they registered with the Department of Transportation?Do they have a website that is reliable and their contact information is easy to locate?These are very important questions that you need to ask yourself before shipping your vehicle.
Another important factor you need to think about is if the auto transport company is fully insured and bonded.What would happen if your vehicle is damaged during transport?Who will pay to have the vehicle fixed or replaced?
As always,get multiple quotes from different car shipping companies.Getting just one quote is never a good idea.If one company is  giving you a much lower quote than everyone else,you should be extremely careful.Most of these car shipping companies use a "low baller" technique,which quotes you a very low price at first and after you pay a deposit they call you and ask for more money.You are better off paying a little more at first,than being forced to pay additional fees,which will make the final cost of shipping your vehicle higher than you were initially quoted.
When you are researching a car shipping company make sure that you ask them all of these questions.Look for for honesty and integrity and always make sure that you ask for their cancellation/return policy.Good Luck!

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