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How Long Does It Take to Ship My Car?


If you are planning on shipping your vehicle  with an auto transport company,it is perfectly normal to wonder how long it is going to take.By knowing when your vehicle will be picked up and delivered, you will be able to make arrangements and plan everything around the entire move.At Van 3 Auto Transport,we know that a lot of times our customers are shipping their vehicles,as well as their household goods and making the car shipping process hassle-free is one of our top priorities.

One of the major factors that contributes to the length of time that it will take to ship your vehicle is the distance between the two destinations.If the distance between the pick up and delivery locations is 2000 miles,it will take much longer to ship your vehicle than if it is 500 miles.If you want to know how long it takes to ship your vehicle,you should ask the driver when he is picking up your vehicle.Usually, most drivers are able to drive about 400 miles per day.Car shipping companies can give you an estimated time window,but the driver is the one who knows approximately how long it will take him to ship your car.

When you are shipping your car,you should be aware that the time frame that you are given is only an estimate.The driver can tell you that it will take him three days to ship your vehicle,but it may be much longer if there are weather delays.The weather plays a major role in the auto transport industry.If there are storms along the way,they could cause major delays.
Please be aware that there is always a chance that there could be a mechanical issue with the truck that is transporting your vehicle.Just like with any other business,if there is a problem with the truck,that may delay the transit time even more.The best car shipping companies have new equipment,and mechanical issues are extremely rare.
While your vehicle is in transit,you can always call the vehicle shipping company in order to find out the exact location of your car.Car shipping companies will give you an estimated date of delivery and if there is a delay,they will call you and update you.Please keep in mind that weather delays and truck breakdowns do play a major role in the car shipping industry and that is why it is extremely difficult for a car shipping company to be able to guarantee you exact pick up and delivery dates.

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