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Van 3 Auto Transport Delivered a Toyota Camry in Chicago,IL After Picking It Up in Houston,TX

Toyota Camry

Van 3 Auto Transport delivered a Toyota Camry in Chicago,Illinois last night.The vehicle was picked up in Houston,Texas on Tuesday for a customer who was shipping a vehicle for the first time.He told us that the process was much easier for him because when he went to our website he was able to find a section with tips for shipping a car,which made everything very simple for him.He found out that we provide auto transport services to Chicago as well as to and from all other states.After learning about the process he went to our website and booked his order in less than five minutes.Our driver picked up his vehicle in Houston,Texas early on Tuesday,because our customer had to be at work at 9 A.M.The vehicle was delivered on Sunday afternoon in Chicago directly to his home.He was very satisfied with our services,because he would be able to get to his new job with his Toyota Camry on Monday.


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