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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Nissan Pathfinder from New York,NY to Key West,Florida

Nissan Pathfiender

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Nissan Pathfinder from New York,NY to Clearwater Florida.Our customer was looking for a great Spring Break Deal on car shipping services.He told us that he will be on vacation in Florida and would like to have his Pathfinder shipped from his home in New York to his Hotel in Florida.He was looking for a discount on auto transport services sand wanted to find out what it would cost to transport his vehicle to Florida and back to New York. We told him that we do offer special discounts for Spring Break and we gave him a quote.He called back three days later in order to book the shipping of his Nissan Pathfinder.Our Spring Break discounts allow our customers to be able to easily afford to ship their vehicles to their vacation destinations,and also ship them back to their homes.Our driver picked up the vehicle directly from our customer and safely delivered it in Clearwater,Florida.In two weeks,the same  driver will be back Florida in order to pick it up again and ship it to New York,New York.

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