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Military Car Shipping Service from San Antonio,TX to Las Vegas,NV

Nissal Altima

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Nissan Altima from San Antonio,Texas to Las Vegas,Nevada.This shipment was different than most of the other cars that we ship.We received a phone call from our client who is in the military.We told him that we do offer special military car shipping services and that they offer great discounts for our men and women that serve in the military.He was very excited with the discount because the price was lower than what our free online car shipping calculator quoted him earlier.The move was from a military base in San Antonio to another military base near Las Vegas.Our client told us that he does have a very busy schedule and that we should communicate with him before we pick up the vehicle in order to make sure that he is available.Our driver called him the day before he picked up the vehicle and also two hours before pick up in order to make sure that the client will be present.The car was picked up in San Antonio and it was safely delivered in Las Vegas,Nevada.


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