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Can you please share something about yourself?

My name is Vlad Nikolov and I am 45 years old. I currently live in Chicago. I have two children. My daughter is 21 years old and my son is 26.I am the owner of Van 3 Auto transport. My favorite sport is football and I love going to the shooting range in my free time.

Can you share something about how you started Van 3 Auto Transport?

I was a truck driver for over 15 years. At first I started driving for a small company and after a few years I purchased my own truck. I used to haul anything from fruits and vegetables to clothing. After some time, one of my friends started hauling cars. It sounded like a great opportunity and I started doing to same of another auto transport company. I realized that there is a lot of potential in the car shipping business and started Van 3 Auto Transport.

Who are your clients?

I made many friends from dealerships all over the country when I was a driver. After I opened Van 3 Auto Transport we started shipping vehicles for them. After a while we started shipping cars for individual clients, which was a great opportunity. We saw a high demand for individual door to door car shipping services and created one of the best car shipping website in the United States. Until this day we are one of the only auto transport companies that has a Free Instant Quote Calculator. This calculator gives our customers car shipping quotes in seconds and allows them to book the shipping of their vehicle in minutes.

What makes you better than other Auto Transport companies?

As I said earlier, we have one of the best websites in the industry. Most companies ask you to fill out your information and call you back over the phone with a quote after ten minutes. Our website is able to provide our customers with a quote that takes less than three seconds and also makes booking an order very quick and simple. Aside from our great website, I am confident to say that we do have the best car shipping team in the industry. We work hard every day in order to make sure that every vehicle that we ship is safe,and every client is completely satisfied with our car shipping services.

Please share an interesting car shipping story?

Every customer has his own story. They have certain expectations that we have to meet in order to make their car shipping experience as pleasant as possible. We had a customer three years ago that was shipping a Toyota Highlander from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California. He received a car shipping quote from our Car Shipping Calculator and booked his order directly through there. Our driver went to pick up his car to the specified by him address, and it turned out that he forgot that he booked an order with an auto transport company! We called him, and he told us that he is actually driving the vehicle himself to Los Angeles.After a few hours, he called the drive and told him that on the way to Los Angeles, his vehicle broke down.He made arrangements with the driver to pick him up and his vehicle and take them both to Los Angeles! This was the first and only time in the history of Van 3 Auto Transport where we shipped a vehicle and its owner at the same time.

What are your plans for the future of Van 3 Auto Transport

I believe that with Van 3 Auto Transport the sky is the limit.With the advances of technology and the growing number of online car sales, the demand for car shipping services will grow in the future.With our Free Instant Quote Calculator, we will be able to provide our growing number of customers with Free Instant Quotes.Our fleet of trucks is also growing, meaning that we will be able to ship more vehicles in the future.Most importantly, our network of carriers is also growing, meaning that we will be able to ship more vehicles than ever before.We are looking forward to increasing the number of cars that we ship, but at the same time we would like to keep our customers satisfied and ready to use our services again in the future.

What would you like to tell the customers of Van 3 Auto Transport?

First off, I would like to thank our customers for trusting us to ship their cars.We will do everything that we can to earn their business again in the future.Everyone at Van 3 Auto Transport is committed to making their car shipping experience as hassle-free as possible.We would like to encourage our customers to share their experience with us, as we are always striving to improve our services.Leaving us a review on websites like Transport Reviews, Yelp, BBB, or sending us an e-mail with feedback will give us the opportunity to analyze what we are doing well and what we need to work on in order to keep being one of the leading auto transport companies in the United States.

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