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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped an Infiniti G37 From Orlando,Florida to Chicago,Illinois

Infiniti G37

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped an Infiniti G37 from Orlando,Florida to Chicago,Illinois.The vehicle was shipped for a client who was on vacation in Florida.He decided to go on Spring Break a few weeks before everyone else in order to save money on plane tickets and car shipping services.He wanted to be able to enjoy his Infiniti G37 in Florida,therefore he shipped it with Van 3 Auto Transport.He received a free instant quote through our website and called us in order to tell us that he will be on vacation in Florida and would like to have his vehicle shipped to Florida and then back to Illinois.We told him that we have great promotions for Spring Break and even though it is a little early,we can still get him a great deal for car shipping services.His vehicle was safely shipped from Illinois to Florida and back to Illinois.


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