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Van 3 Auto Transport safely shipped a Ford Fiesta from Madison,WI to Nashville,TN

Ford Fiesta

Small car shipping is one of the most affordable auto transportation services.Over the last three days we shipped a Ford Fiesta from Madison,WI to Nashville,TN.Our client called us to find out more about our services and found out that in car shipping the size of the vehicle does matter.We told him that smaller cars take up less space and their weight is much lower,making the cost of shipping these compact cars much less.When he found out the rate to ship his vehicle from Madison to Nashville,he decided to use our services immediately.He booked the order the same day,and his vehicle was picked up on the next day.Our driver picked up his vehicle directly from his University Campus and delivered the vehicle to his parents in Nashville.The transit time was three days,which was great,but our client was most impressed with the affordable costs he had to pay for our auto transportation services.


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