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Ford F-150 Shipping Services from Florida to Washigton

Fordf 150

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Ford F-150 from Pompano Beach to Seattle. The client booked the order online, using our free car shipping calculator. When he booked the order, he wanted the first available pick-up date to be May 23rd. Our driver was able to pick up his vehicle on May 23rd, and it was safely delivered this afternoon in Seattle. The customer was worried about the safety of his vehicle. He told us that has been through a negative experience with another car shipping company. We told him that every vehicle that we ship is fully covered by our insurance and if anything does happen during transit, our insurance is going to pay to fully fix or replace his vehicle. The Ford F-150 was safely delivered today in Seattle, Washington and our client was very satisfied with our door to door car shipping services.

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