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Cadillac SRX Car Shipping from Los Angeles to Cleveland


Transporting cars has never been easier. Van 3 Auto Transport just shipped a Cadillac SRX from Los Angeles, California to Cleveland, Ohio. Our customer told us that he has shipped his vehicles many times in the past, and it has never been as easy as using our free car shipping calculator. He told us that he works very long hours and never has time to call an auto transport company in order to get a quote and book an order. When he found our website, he was very impressed that he does not have to call us. He received a free quote from our car shipping calculator and booked the order directly through our website. His Cadillac was picked up on Monday and it was safely delivered this morning in Cleveland, Ohio. Our client was very worried about the shipping process of his vehicle. He told us that when he shipped it in the past, his vehicle arrived at its delivery point with minor damages. We explained to him that all of our drivers have at least three years of experience in the car shipping business, and if his vehicle does get damaged while in transit, our insurance will pay whatever it costs to fix it.

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