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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a BMW X6 M from Northbrook,Illinois to Miami,Florida

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Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a BMW X6 M from Northbrook,Illinois to Miami,Florida.This vehicle was shipped for one of the dealerships that we are proud to have the opportunity to work with for the past three years.They called us last week and told is that they need to have this beautiful BMW delivered in Miami for one of their customers.He is actually from Chicago,but lives in Miami for five months every year.He has another car in Miami,but he really wanted his BMW X6 M in Florida with him,so he called his friends from the dealership in Chicago to help him ship it.They contacted Van 3 Auto Transport and this vehicle was on the way to Miami the next day.Our truck left Chicago on Thursday and was able to deliver his BMW in Miami on Sunday,March 8th.The vehicle was delivered directly to his front door and the customer was very impressed with our services.Have fun with your awesome BMW,Taylor!

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