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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a BMW M6 from Philadelphia to Dallas

Bmw -m 6-coupe -laguna -seca -blue -05

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a BMW M6 from Philadelphia, PA to Dallas, Texas. This was the third time in our history where our client came directly into our new office in Chicago. He wanted to make sure that the people that he is going to trust to ship his vehicle are true professionals. He came in the office and we answered all of his questions. We showed him on what kind of truck his BMW is going to be placed, he even received a free T-shirt for actually coming to our office and booking directly from there. 99% of our customers book their orders online and never actually get the chance to meet the people that book the orders and take phone calls from clients. It was very nice to meet one of our customers and actually get to know them. He hope he was satisfied with our sevices and we hope to have the chance to ship his vehicle again, when he is moving back to Philadephia. Enjoy your awesome BMW M6 Simon!


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