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BMW 4 Serices Shipped from Tampa,Florida to Chicago,Illinois


We love shipping awesome vehicles.Van 3 Auto Transport just delivered a BMW 4 Series in Chicago,Illinois after picking it up in Tampa,Florida.It turns out many people like to go on Spring Break in early March.This client decided to drive his car on the way down to Florida instead of using the services of an auto transport company.After having to drive for almost four days and spend money on hotels,food and gas,he knew that it would be much better if he used a car shipping company.He went online looking for a Chicago based company that specializes in door to door shipping.He came across Van 3 Auto Transport and decided to trust us to ship his vehicle from his hotel in Tampa,Florida to his home in Chicago,Illinois.Our driver picked up his BMW on the last day of his Spring Break,right before his flight.After three days, our driver was able to deliver his vehicle to his home in Chicago.The customer shared with us that in the future, he will never drive his vehicle to Florida, instead he will use the services of a car shipping company.


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