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The Flag of Kentucky Welcome to Kentucky
Flag of Kentucky Kentucky

Kentucky known as the "Bluegrass State" is the 37th most extensive and the 26th most populous of all states in the United States. With capital Frankfort and largest city Louisville, Kentucky is preferred by many people for their auto transport destination.

With its humid subtropical climate the state is divided into five regions - the Cumberland Plateau, the Bluegrass region, the Pennyroyal Plateau, the Western Coal Fields and the Jackson Purchase. Kentucky is the only state in the south region that is bordered on all sides by rivers (Tug Fork, Big sandy, Ohio and Mississippi river). This state is with one of the well-maintained infrastructure that allows easy access to all regions within its borders. Additionally, there are no tolls, and traffic is usually light, except around the bigger cities of Louisville and Lexington. Roads in Kentucky are well-maintained and easy to navigate. Keep in mind that the traffic conditions near Louisville and Lexington can lead to traffic jams, before you set up check what is the traffic condition near the area.

To transport your vehicle to this state the major interstate highways and some of the parkways around Kentucky easy for our drivers to deliver the vehicles on time without any issues. This state has the privilege to have six interstate highways (I-64, I-65, I-69, I-71, I-75 and I-24) and nine parkways (former toll roads). Cumberland Gap Tunnel and the rural Nada Tunnel, ease the auto transportation process for both parties. Moving to a new state is stressful for most people, that's a good reason to check our blog post for Vehicle registration and insurance tips and to be a step ahead in this challenge.

Remember that Kentucky is divided into 5 major regions, which diverse a lot from each other, do the proper research for the region you've chosen to go. You might be thinking of moving to this state based on how pretty it is or how friendly the people are. Well, consider yourself forewarned: Kentucky also gets its share of twisters. Not all the time, but it does happen and can be pretty vicious. So be on the lookout. You may be considering moving here focused around how pretty it is or how agreeable the individuals are. All things considered, view yourself as admonished: Kentucky likewise gets its impart of twisters. Not constantly, yet it does happen and can be really horrible. So be vigilant.