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Bobby Marinov / Car Shipping Coordinator

BobbyBobby Marinov grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from DePaul University with a double major in Marketing and Accounting. He started out working as a leading coordinator and manager at Van 3 Auto Transport, a car shipping company based in Chicago. With his background in business from DePaul University, Bobby quickly become a key figure in the success of Van 3 Auto Transport.

He joined Van 3 Auto Transport and quickly started making key changes that made Van 3 Auto Transport one of the best car shipping companies in the United States. One of the major ideas that he contributed to, after joining Van 3 Auto Transport, is their online car shipping calculator. This new car shipping calculator proved to be critical to the company due to the fact that it increased revenues more than three times in a short period of time.

Bobby, with his business background, knew what it takes for a company to be successful on today's market. He knew that if Van 3 Auto Transport was going to be a success, then its customers needed to be 100% satisfied with its services. He created a new business strategy, which clearly outlined that everyone in the company should strive to assure that every client is treated with respect and honesty.

Bobby, being extremely ambitious, will never stop working hard and finding new ways to achieve Van 3 Auto Transports goals, as well as his own. He will continue to be an innovator in the car shipping industry and a major contributor to the success of Van 3 Auto Transport.

Currently, Van 3 Auto Transport is continuing its steady growth and is one of the leading vehicle transportation companies in the United States. With its hard working team of professionals and the high level of customer satisfaction the future looks bright for Van 3 Auto Transport, as well as its thousands of customers in the United States.

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