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Impressive Technology in New Cars

2013 October 01

Car makers all over the world are competing daily in order to attract customers to purchase what they have to offer. With the quick advancement in technology car makers are using more and more high tech gadgets in order to impress their clients. Here is a list of great new features that you might want to consider when shopping for a new car.

Run-flat tires are one of the new features that are extremely useful when you get a flat tire. This new technology allows you to driv[...]

The 5 most Expensive Street Legal Cars in the World

2013 September 18

In today's world buying a car is a necessity for most people. We have a choice of thousands of vehicles that we can choose from, and in many cases this choice can be a difficult one. Depending on your needs and financial status choosing a vehicle can be a real pleasure. Lets look at five vehicles that a lot of people may want to own, but only a select few can afford the be behind the wheel (or back seat) of one of these beasts!

Number 5: