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How Do I Pay For the Shipping of My Car?

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Every car has shipping company offers different methods of payment for their services.You have to be very careful when making a decision which company you choose and how you are going to pay them.Van 3 Auto Transport offers two methods of payment,which are created in order to make everything very quick and easy for our customers.

When you get an Instant Car Shipping Quote from our Car Shipping Calculator,you will get two different prices.One of them will be the Regular Price.The Regular Price requires you to pay the full price by a one-time payment online.This method is very quick and easy and allows you to take care of the entire cost of shipping your vehicle without having to worry about paying anything else.If you need to change your order,or cancel it, your one time payment will be fully refunded back to your credit card within 2 business days.
The other price that you will get when using our Free Instant Car Shipping Calculator is the Cash Savings Price.This price is lower than the regular price and you will only have to pay $179.00 online,the rest you will have to pay when your vehicle is delivered directly to the driver using cash,money order,or cashier's check.If you change your mind and you would like to cancel your order, your deposit of $179.00 will also be refunded back to your credit card within two business days.
Both of these payment methods have their advantages.The Regular Price is good for people who do not want to split up their payment and do not like to deal with cash.The Cash Savings Price is very popular because it is lower than the Regular Price and you only pay $179.00 and the rest you pay directly to the driver.Whichever method you choose,you have nothing to worry about as both methods are 100% refundable.

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