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What is the Required Paperwork to Ship a Car?

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Car shipping can be confusing if this is your first time transporting your vehicle with an auto transport company.Most people that have never done this before have no idea about the required paperwork to ship a car.Our clients ask us all the time do I need to bring the title of the car with me?Does the legal owner of the vehicle have to be there when the driver is picking it up?Do I need to have any special insurance?

If your vehicle will not be leaving the country, you do not have to provide the car shipping company with any paperwork.Auto transportation is a very easy process and most car shipping companies would like to keep it that way.The only document that you will receive is a vehicle inspection report,which will be provided to you by the car shipping company.
The best car shipping companies perform a vehicle inspection report before they pick up a car.During this inspection, the driver will walk around the vehicle with the client in order to note any existing damages.If there are any damages,they will be noted on the inspection report and the customer and the driver will both sign off on this report.When the vehicle is safely loaded on the car hauler,the client will get a copy of this inspection report for his own records.When the vehicle is delivered,the client and the driver will inspect if for any damages that may have occurred during transport.If there are damages,then they will complete a post-delivery inspection report and note the damages.After carefully recording the damages on the inspection report the client will receive a copy of it and will then be able to file a claim for damages that have occurred during transport. 

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