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Should I Wash My Car Before Pick Up?

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Car shipping companies do not require their customers to wash their cars before shipping them.One of the main reasons is due to the fact that when a vehicle is shipped with an open car hauler,the vehicle will most likely be dirty when it is delivered.Open car haulers do not protect vehicles from weather conditions,therefore, if the truck passes through rain or snow it will get dirty.If the other cars around it on the car hauler are dirty, that may also have an impact on your vehicle.If you want to wash your vehicle,you should wash the interior prior to pick up,and wash the exterior of your car after it has already been transported.Paying for car wash services prior to the pick up of your car would be a waste of time and money.After your vehicle has been delivered you should have it washed so that it can remain clean for a longer period of time.Van 3 Auto Transport encourages its customers not to wash their vehicle prior to shipping it with our Open Car Transport Services.

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