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One of the things that you should do before your car is picked up by a car shipping company is to take pictures of it.Taking pictures of your car is a really good idea for many reasons.The first and most obvious one is so that you can have proof of the condition of the vehicle before it was picked up.If something does happen during transit you will be able to show that the vehicle did not have any scratches or damages before it was picked up.

All reputable car shipping companies complete a condition report before a vehicle is picked up. The driver walks around the vehicle with the client and carefully inspects the vehicle for any existing damages prior to pick up.If there are damages,he notes them on the condition report.After carefully recording all damages on the condition report the driver obtains a signature from the client and signs the report.After that,the driver will provide the client with a copy of the condition report and keep a copy for company records.
When the vehicle is delivered,the driver will walk around it with the client in order to see of any damages have occurred during transit.He is required to fill out another condition report and record any new damages that may have occurred while the vehicle was being transported.If there are no damages,he notes that on the delivery condition report and provides the customer with a copy.If there are damages,they should be noted on the delivery condition report.After they have been recorded,the customer is required to contact the car shipping company in order to file a claim with their insurance.The best car shipping companies will have full insurance for every vehicle that they ship. Van 3 Auto Transport has a claims department that will do everything for you.When you submit a claim,we will do everything to make sure that our insurance will pay you whatever it costs to fix or replace your vehicle within five business days.
Taking pictures of your car will make the claim process much quicker.When we submit both condition reports and the pictures of the vehicle before it was picked up,your claim will be resolved in less than a week.Pictures are always much better proof than a condition report.They will save you a lot of time and problems if your vehicle does get damaged while in possession of a car shipping company.

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