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There are thousands of Car Shipping Companies in the United States.When you first start looking for a car shipping company,there are many factors that you need to consider.Doing careful research when searching for a car shipping company is very important and will save you time,money and most importantly keep your vehicle in safe hands during the entire car shipping process.

One of the first things that you should do when looking for an auto transport company is to look at their website.A website can say a lot about an auto transport company.You need to look at their information and question if everything seems reliable.Do they have a phone number where they can be reached directly?Do they have pictures of their own trucks?Make sure that you can reach this company without any problems,as you will be trusting them with your car.
Make sure that you ask them about insurance.If your vehicle is damaged while in the possession of the car shipping company who will pay to fix or replace it?Do they have full insurance?Does their insurance cover 100% of the vehicle or is it partial coverage?If something does happen who will pay the deductible of the insurance?These questions need to be addressed over the phone and please make sure that you get something in writing.You need to have proof of insurance from the car shipping company in order to be 100% sure that everything they tell you over the phone is completely accurate.
When you get a car shipping quote,make sure that is the final price you are going to pay.If you book your order over the phone,or through the website of the car shipping company make sure that you get a conformation e-mail.This e-mail should include the final shipping price as well as information about the shipping of your vehicle.If an auto transport company does not send you an e-mail confirming your order,you should cancel right away.There are many dishonest auto transport companies that quote you a low price,and then ask for more money when they pick up your vehicle.
As always,check websites likes Transport Reviews.These third party websites collect genuine reviews from customers and will give you an idea about their experience with a given car shipping company.If a company has a lot of positive reviews you can be certain that it is a good car shipping company that will get the job done without any problems.

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