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Tell the Auto Transporter If Your Vehicle Has Been Modified

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When you book your car shipping order, you should always tell the auto transporter if your vehicle has modifications. There are many modifications, and if you do not tell the car shipper about them, it could mean that your vehicle may not get picked up on time. For example, if your vehicle has been lowered to the ground, the car shipping company could send a driver without the proper equipment to pick up your vehicle.

You should always call the car shipping company and make them aware of the modifications of your vehicle as soon as you book your order. That way, they will know about it and will be able to send a driver with the right equipment to pick up your vehicle without any problems. If you forget to tell the car shipper about the changes you have made, the driver may not be able to pick up your vehicle on the desired by you date, which means that the car shipping company will have to send another driver. If you want your vehicle to be picked on the best day for you, please notify the transporter of any modifications to your vehicle.

If your modifications are not major, you should still tell the auto transporter before pick up. In some cases, even small modifications can make a big difference to car shipping companies. The most common car modifications include bigger wheels, wider tires, and lowering to the ground. If your modification is not one of those three, you should still let the auto transporter know before they come to pick up your vehicle.

When you are booking your order online, Van 3 Auto Transport has a special box which will allow you to let us know about any modifications. You will not have to call us, all you need to do it fill out that box and we will know that your vehicle has been modified. We have the right equipment to pick up vehicles with all kinds of modifications, all you will need to do is let us know. Van 3 Auto Transport will pick up your vehicle on time and safely deliver it to your front door.

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