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Most car shipping companies require you to make a deposit in order to book your order. Some companies ask their clients to pay the full amount before their vehicle is picked up.  At Van 3 Auto Transport we give our customers the opportunity to choose how they want to pay. If you want to pay the full amount prior to pick up, that is perfectly fine. If you want to pay a small partial deposit of $179, that is also a really good option.

We want all of our customers to know that both options are 100% refundable. We understand that sometimes plans can change, therefore, we offer full refunds to our customers if they need to change their pick up date or cancel their order. When you are picking a car shipping company, make sure that it offers refunds. There are companies out there, which will not refund your money.

If a given auto transport company tells you that they will refund your money, make sure that you get something in writing from them. It is a really good idea to have proof that if you need to cancel your order, they will fully refund your money. Some companies only offer refunds if you have paid the full cost to ship your vehicle before it is picked up. This means that in some cases if you pay a small partial deposit of $200,for example, you will not receive a refund. Van 3 Auto Transport is proud to be one of the car shipping companies that will refund your money, regardless of which payment method you choose.

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