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Always Choose a Car Shipping Company That Has Its Own Trucks

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Most of the car shipping companies out there do not own their own trucks. Their website says that they are a car shipper, but in reality they are just a car shipping broker. You should always ask the given company if they own their own trucks and if they are an actual car shipper or just another broker.

A car shipping broker is an intermediary between the actual shipping company and the client. Brokers book orders with clients, and sell them to real car shipping companies at a lower rate. Most brokers do not own their trucks, all they have is websites, which say how experieced their drivers are, but in reality they do not have any trucks or drivers. They will sell your information online to an actual car shipping company, which will pick up and deliver your vehicle.
At Van 3 Auto Transport, we are proud to own our own trucks. All of the pictures you will see on our website are actual pictures from our trucks. We are proud to be a real auto transportation company, not just another broker. We deal directly with our clients and we ship their vehicles with our own equipment in order to be absolutely positive that each and every vehicle we ship is in safe hands. Go ahead, book your order with Van 3 Auto Transport  and we guarantee that we will make your next car move your best move!

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