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Is the Small Partial Deposit Refundable?

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The Small Partial Deposit is the amount you pay when you choose the Cash Savings Price. This means that you will pay $179.00 as a partial payment, and you will pay the rest of the quoted price upon delivery of your vehicle with cash or cashier's check. When you pay the Small Partial Deposit our car shipping specialists know that your order is complete and ready to be assigned to a driver.

One of the major questions all of our customers ask is whether the Small Partial Deposit is refundable. The answer to that questions is yes. If you change your mind and need to cancel the order, the Small Partial Deposit is 100% refundable. At Van 3 Auto Transport, we understand that plans change and things can always come up, therefore, we will refund all of your money on the next business day.
If you choose to pay the Regular Price, and you decide to cancel your order, you will also receive a full refund. No matter which payment method you prefer, you will be fully protected by our refund policy and you will not have to worry about losing your money.

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