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Do Auto Transport Companies Pick up Cars over the Weekend?

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This question comes up a lot when we speak to our customers. Most people prefer that their vehicles are picked up during a time at which they can be present. Almost all of our customers have jobs or go to school, and weekend pick ups are most convenient for them.


At Van 3 Auto Transport we do our best to pick up vehicles on the day our customers want their vehicles to be picked up. We do weekend pick ups all the time. We are aware that our customers have busy schedules and that in some cases they cannot release their vehicles during the week. When you are choosing an auto transport company, make  sure they they offer weekend pick ups.
Van 3 Auto Transport is proud to pick up vehicles every day of the week. Our staff and drivers are available seven days a week to answer your questions and pick up and deliver your vehicles. We do out best to work around your schedule in order to make the car shipping process as pleasant as possible for you.

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