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How Should I Prepare My Vehicle for Shipping?


If this is your first time shipping your vehicle, there are some things that you should think about before your vehicle is picked up. Most reliable car shipping companies will take really good care of your car, but there are some minor changes that you can make before your vehicle is picked up to ensure that it will not incur any damages while in transit.


One of the things that you can do before your vehicle is picked up is to lower or remove the antenna. This will make the pick up of your vehicle much easier, and remove any possible risks of damaging your antenna. Another thing you can do is to fold-in any mirrors that could get damaged when the car is being placed on the trailer. Most of the time the driver will do it for you, but doing it yourself will guarantee that your mirrors will not get broken.
In order to prepare your vehicle for shipping, you should remove all portable interior components like GPS systems and hands-free car phones. If your vehicle has a convertible top, you should make sure that it is sealed while the vehicle is in transit. If it is broken or damaged, you should have it fixed in order to avoid any weather exposure that could damage your car.
Following these simple instructions will ensure that your vehicle is prepared for a safe transportation process. These steps only take minutes, but will prepare your vehicle for shipping and will make the job of the driver much easier. Van 3 Auto Transport will do whatever it takes to ship your vehicle safely. Our drivers are extremely careful with every vehicle that they transport in order to make sure that it does not get damaged. Safety is our top priority and we will continue to work hard in order to keep our 100% customer satisfaction rating.

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