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Always Ask for a Conformation From the Car Shipping Company

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Whether you book your car shipping order online or over the phone, make sure that you ask the auto transport company for an e-mail conformation. Car shipping companies have different ways of sending you the details of the transaction, but always make sure that you have something in writing from them.

If you have something in writing, you will be protected in case the auto transport company decides to change the terms of your agreement. There are car shipping companies that do not always have the best business practices, and having proof that you made a payment with terms and conditions on it will help in case there is a problem. Some car shipping companies will give you a very low quote in order to get you to use their services. They will make you pay the price before they pick up the vehicle, and then they will call you and ask you for money. These companies do not send you a conformation with the initial payment that you made, therefore, you will not be able to prove that you were quoted a certain price.

When you get an e-mail or fax from the auto transport company, make sure that the total car shipping price is shown. Also make sure that it describes the services that the auto transport company will perform for the price you were quoted. If you always demand for a conformation, you will be protected from paying any extra for shipping your car.

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