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Flag of Texas Seal of Texas

As being the 2nd most populous state also 2nd largest of all 50 states, Texas is one of the states that has the highest population in the west hemisphere. It has population of 26,000 and total area of 270, 000 sq mi. Capital of "The Lone Star State" is Austin and most of the population there living in the largest city Houston. This destination is famous in the auto transport industry as one of the most chosen states to live in the west.


Texas borders are formed from three ways by rivers, which makes the state very various in geographical and climate factors. Despite the 10 climate regions becomes problematic with differences in soils and topography, "The lone Star State" has a very good road structure and with 70,000 miles of highways and 40,000 miles of paved farm and ranch roads helps to make it a popular auto transportation target for a lot of the U.S. citizens. In Southern Texas State Highway 130 toll road has the highest speed limit on all 50 states (85 miles per hour). State has 33 trade zones which brings the state with one with the most goods passed through its territory. From Dallas trucks and cargo can reach the major states in U.S. within approximately forty-eight hours of driving.

Major aspect to move to this big state is the opportunity that provides in various sectors that provides a good start for people looking to build up a carrier. Due to the high amount of discovered oil in the state the state's economy is highly affected by the petroleum industry, because of that a lot of urban centers has increased in size allowing more and more people to live and inhabit those areas. In Texas many people find a job in the major high technology companies and that being the reason of Austin's nickname "Silicon Hills".

Despite being 2nd biggest state in U.S. we are shipping to any part of the state. The most popular area to live by our customers is the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area that is common choice between the people that want to inhabit there. Before you undertake any actions for relocation here are some advices before you ship your auto:

  1. Make sure you've disarmed your vehicles alarm system before shipping
  2. Do not forget to give the car hauler the keys for your transported vehicle
  3. Remove any personal belongings from the auto

Our network of drivers have millions of miles and thousands of hours on Texas and America's highways. They have the needed experience to bring your auto to the desired destination quick, safe and for less dollars. Your vehicle will reserve the needed attention for the procedure. Visit our website for a Free Quote or call our 24/7 Hot Line: (708) 357-8698 and our friendly call agents will serve you right away!

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