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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Volkswagen Passat from Kansas City,Missouri to Portland,Oregon


Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Volkswagen Passat from Kansas City,Missouri to Portland,Oregon.The client was looking for a reliable car shipping company that will be able to ship his car without getting it damaged.We told him that Van 3 Auto Transport has been in the auto transportation business for more than ten years,and that our accident rate is less than two percent,meaning that only two out of every one hundred vehicles we ship incurs any damage while being transported. This vehicle is one he found online and purchased directly from the dealership in Kansas City.He was not sure if he had to be present,but we told him that we pick up vehicles that our clients have purchased online directly from dealerships all the time.All we needed was the dealership name and a contact and we picked up the vehicle without any problems.Our driver was able to ship this vehicle in four days and it was safely delivered to our client in Portland,Oregon.


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