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Van 3 Auto Transport Shipped a Porsche Cayenne from Boston,Massachusetts to San Jose,California

Porsche Cayenne

Van 3 Auto Transport shipped a Porsche Cayenne from Boston,Massachusetts to San Jose,California.Our client called last week in order to see if we offer door to door car shipping services.We told him that our door to door shipping services are the most popular method for shipping vehicles.We gave him a car shipping quote and he was ready to book the order with us.He told us that he will be relocating to San Jose for a new job opportunity and that he would love to ship his vehicle there with Van 3 Auto Transport.The only thing he was worried about was insurance.He wanted to make sure that his Porsche Cayenne is fully insured.We e-mailed him a copy of our insurance policy just to prove to him that every vehicle that we transport is fully insured if anything were to happen to it.We told him that it does not matter if the vehicle gets a small scratch or if it is completely destroyed,our insurance will cover whatever it costs to fix or replace the vehicle. With that in mind,our customer booked the order with us.His vehicle was picked up last Thursday and it was delivered one day early last night.

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